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Join us for Brinner with Maya Feller

Thursday | March 11 | 5PM-6PM EST


Otamot Chives and Waffles

Chives and Waffles

Otamot Bloody Marys

Otamot Bloody Marys

Join us for a special Breakfast + Dinner (Brinner!) as Maya hosts an interactive Cook & Learn session, where we will be reimagining two classic recipes with an elevated and healthier approach. Attendees will receive full cooking kits as well as an All-Clad Belgian Waffle Maker.

utensils FREE Cook-along boxes + All Clad Belgian Waffle Maker utensils


Maya Feller

Maya is a registered dietitian nutritionist who is a nationally recognized nutrition expert. She is dedicated to promoting nutrition education that helps the public to make informed food choices that support health and longevity. Maya is also the national nutrition expert for Good Morning America.



Jessie Shafer, RDN

Jessie Shafer, RDN